Community Guidelines

These Guidelines and our Terms and Conditions are here to ensure that every user can enjoy Startrishta safely and responsibly.

Startrishta Do's

1. Do upload only your own photo

We take copyrights very seriously. If you don't own the rights to a photo please don't use it. And remember that it is really lame to post other people's photos as your own

2. Do respect other users

We are a very diverse community. This means that respect for other people's beliefs and property must be made a priority.

3. Do follow the guidelines

Please don't make us constantly have to warn you about not following our guidelines. Repeated misbehaviour can lead your account being suspended.

4. Do spread Startrishta across the web

Share your Startrishta photos with all your friends and let everyone know about our great community.

5. Do share as much of your life as possible

Our site allows you to tell everyone about yourself and your work. It's your stage to show how brilliant you are!

Startrishta Don'ts

1. Don't verbally abuse other users

You should behave the same way on our site as you would in real life. Treat people as if you were talking to them face to face. Any verbal abuse will be taken very seriously!

2. Don't upload tasteless or pornographic material

There are other sites out there for you to do this, just not ours.

3. Don't do anything illegal on our site

We will not hesitate to report your details to the appropriate authorities - you have been warned!

4. Don't spam other users

If you want to write someone a message, be original. Do not try to sell products, other sites or yourself on Startrishta. Spamming is just not cool and doesn't work!

Please remember that failure to follow these guidelines will be first met with a warning and then a possible deletion of your account if the behaviour continues. These guidelines are meant to keep Startrishta a safe and friendly place for all of our users. If you don't agree, you're free to leave.